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Workforce First has been providing bespoke occupational hygiene advice and testing since 2006. Each service is tailored to suit your company’s needs each and every time. You will always receive the most honest and thorough service, with matching standards for the report on the findings. This enables you to realistically and efficiently comply with health and safety legislation.

Our aim is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to become aware of the hazards involved in their industry. I.e. exposures to fume, dusts, noise, vibration etc. By controlling these exposures properly, we can work to prevent occupational ill-health and disease in your workplace within your workforce.

Our services…

  • Airborne exposure monitoring
  • Noise exposure assessments
  • Hand-arm vibration assessments
  • Local exhaust ventilation testing, ranging from the statutory 14 month thorough examination and test to new system commissioning.
  • Other exposure surveys such as microbiological investigation and thermal comfort
  • LEV Awareness training, also available in-house.



This is Christine when she was at CPI Euromix, national leaders in dry mortar technology. They were one of our very first large businesses to work with. Since then, Christine has gone on to work for another large company and taken us with her. Luckily, we still have the pleasure of working with CPI in their control of Respirable Crystalline Silica and noise.

Stop dust before it stops you

This has to be one the best health and safety videos we have seen, well done. The message of how tasks should be performed using dust free methods and with the correct equipment is put over with humour and a cast of cartoon and real working men.


Leila Kirk

Founder and Managing Director

Leila has been working in occupational hygiene since 1983. She put occupational hygiene on pause for a few years while teaching science to teens in the mid 90’s. She then returned to work for a company as a hygienist until 2006 when she set up Workforce First. Now, almost 10 years later, Workforce First is the company that health and safety managers keep coming back to for reliable and trustworthy advice and testing. Leila teaches at Birmingham University each winter to pass on her expertise to aspiring hygienists.

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